Are labels not supported in the Page Builder?

As per the title: are labels not supported in the Page Builder? The Page Builder doc page makes no mention on whether or not labels in Rich Text support is in the works. I am using the Legacy Builder at the moment to add labels, but want to know if they will be coming to the Page Builder or removed completely when the Legacy Builder is deprecated.


Hi @joseph ,

For now, Rich Text Labels aren't supported in Slice Machine or the page builder alpha.

We will most likely add them to the page builder alpha to support existing customers like yourself, but I don't have an ETA for when that will be.

For Slice Machine, we won't support Rich Text Labels but instead work on solving the core issue, directly supporting inline Code blocks, Quotes, and underlines. This isn't a priority for the Slice Machine team and will likely be worked on next year.


Thanks for your reply. Do you know if they'll keep the legacy builder until that is solved?

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Yes the legacy builder isn't going anywhere until the new page builder has full feature parity and is entirely in production mode.

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Hope that will come sooner.

I'm using label to align text center/right currently and it's really missing with the new page builder :/