Unable to see labels given in legacy slice

Issue 1 : Is the label option no longer supported in the new page builder?
=>We were using labels to render the data in different forms. For example, I have used labels like grid 3 and grid 4 to render the data respectively. To render three divs in a column, I will use the label grid 3, and for four divs, I will use the label grid 4. I was able to use labels in the slice while using the legacy editor, but after it got deprecated in the new page builder, I couldn't see such type of field. Please help me to figure this out.

Issue 2 : I cannot see the SVG I updated in the Prismic slice.
I have attached a screenshot for more clarification

Screenshot from 2024-06-28 14-51-37

Hi @neelg , the team is fixing a small issue with the legacy slice label. It should be resolved today. I'll update the thread here when it is done.

Regarding the second issue, could you please send me a DM with the name of the repo and the page where this is occurring?


Hi @neelg , you should see the legacy slice labels now. Please let me know if you are still having problems.


still I can't see any label
previously in legacy editor I was accessing the label by dropdown beside the name of the slice.

Please provide the solution for it as soon as possible.Due to it major task are pending. @guy.proops

Hi @neelg , it should be in the same position (on the slice). If there is a label it will appear by the slice. If you can DM the repo and the custom-type where this is happening I can take a look.