Custom Labels not showing in prismic new editor

I have just started working on a nextjs site with prismic, i'm trying to use custom labels in a Rich Text field, i have added them in the model as such:

"title": {
"type": "StructuredText",
"config": {
"label": "Title",
"labels": ["accent-blue", "accent-cyan", "accent-magenta"],
"placeholder": "",
"allowTargetBlank": true,
"multi": "heading1,heading2,heading3,heading4,heading5,heading6,strong,em"

I have pushed them to prismic without issue, however when I try to use them from the dashboard I don't see the option to select them anywhere in the new editor, if i go into the legacy editor then they do show.

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I do not believe the Alpha page builder is yet at 100% feature parity. You can revert to the legacy page builder to use your custom labels. If you wish to "permanently" revert to the legacy editor, contact Prismic and let them know.


100% parity seems like an understatement. Rich text field completely unusable so I have to switch to the working editor (legacy editor) and it continues to the broken editor (new editor) whenever I re-enter a post.

This new page builder has improved since I first began using it. Yes, there are times when I still need to use the legacy editor. For instance, when making new pages or posts, the new page builder appears to have a character limit for UIDs. To overcome this, I must use the legacy editor. The media library still needs. Lot of usability improvements too. I’m glad to be able to use the new tool as it is being developed while having the old reliable editor for backup.


Just to let you guys know the team has this in their roadmap:

I desperately need this too!!

Hi Lennart,

I checked, and you don't have the new page builder activated on any of your repos. So you should already have access to this feature as part of the legacy builder :slight_smile:

You can manually add these in the model.json file of your Slices.

Let me know if you have any questions on how to configure this :slight_smile:


Yes - but I want to use the new page builder and the fact that is missing hinders me to do so :pensive:

I understand. Once the team has any update on that, they'll update the following thread :slight_smile:

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