Can't apply custom label to single line RichText

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bug to apply custom label to selected text on single line RichText at slice field

result at HTML

Impacted feature

custom labels for single line RichText fields for slice, although works correctly when the field is configured as "multi" (allows multiple paragraphs)

What steps have you taken to resolve this issue already?

revert to legacy editor to apply labels


no errors

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Steps to reproduce

  1. create a slice with a "single" line RichText field
  2. configure array of labels to the field
  3. open new editor (wroom) to edit the slice
  4. type into the RichText field
  5. select text and apply label from the floating toolbox


  • selected text in step 5 remains "unlabeled", or no indication of label applied in the inferface
  • if document is saved/published, label does not apply

Related issue:

it's similar to the issue below, but to the single line RichText


it seems that it's not working with multiple paragraphs either, but in this specific slice
I have another one (slice) that the multi line RichText work as intended in the same repository

Hi @miguita , thanks for letting us know about the issue. I will update this thread when I have a timeline on a fix.


Hi @miguita , this should now be fixed. Please reach out and let me know if you are still having problems.