Custom Catalog field not present after pushing a custom


I'm trying to test the new integration fields by pushing documents to a custom catalog following the doc and examples here.

The catalog syncs successfully according to the API response and Prismic UI, however the field "Custom Catalog" is not available in the Slice Machine UI to add to custom types or pages.

Anything I could be doing wrong? I'm not sure how to debug this as there's no feedback apart from the 200 message on the API response and the successful sync message in the UI.


Hi Paul,

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So this isn't well documented, I'll see that we fix that, but to use a custom catalog with Slice Machine you need to add the field to you Slice in your model.json file directly in your project, i.e.:

        "catalog": {
          "type": "IntegrationFields",
          "config": {
            "catalog": "sephora-demo--product-catalog-sfcc",
            "label": "catalog"

Then, you need to make a dummy change in the Slice Machine UI to be able to push the changes to your repo.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Note that you have to replace this catalog ID with yours.

@Phil @nathanael,

Thank you both for you help. I've done as suggested and got to the next step :+1:

The field is showing up as invalid in the Slice Machine UI, although I understand that is expected based on this post.

I've pushed both a slice and a custom type after adding directly in the respective model.json files, however after pushing the updates to the repo the field does not display in the Prismic UI for the repo:

I tried deleting and recreating both the custom type and the page containing the slice to which I had added the catalog field, but it didn't seem to help.

Do I need to be on a specific version of the Slice Machine in order for this to work?

Any further help would be much appreciated as I'm not sure how to proceed.


Hey Paul,

This is because the integration fields feature isn't available on the page builder alpha. I've activated the legacy builder on your repo so it should be good now.


Thanks @Phil, I can see it now :+1:

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