Custom icons/images for slice icon

Hi, yesterday at the product meetup (Oct 28), I noticed that when using the Slice Machine the slice icon ends up being the screenshot of the component from Storybook.

Is there a way to use a screenshot or a custom image/icon for slices right now without the Slice Machine? This would make using slices so much easier since writers and developers alike will know at a glance what a slice looks like IRL. To be frank, the icon choices right now are useless.

Hi Andrey,

Sorry about the delay on getting back to you.

At the moment there is no way to utilise this feature outside of Slicemachine as is it's integral with the preview which is generate with The Slice Builder and Storybook.

I agree the icons aren't very descriptive, this was our thinking behind creating these previews.

Hopefully, if Slicemachine continues to be a success, these previews will become the standard one day.


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