Custom Nuxt Components in Rich Text

On my frontend built with Nuxt, I have a custom form component that I'd like to embed within articles written in RichText. Is there any way to create custom elements in Rich Text and render them on the frontend?

I'm looking for something like embedded custom types in Rich Text.

Hello @wilsonwilson, welcome to the community!

You can customize the output of your Rich Text Fields by using an HTML serializer. This allows you to have more control over how you render elements of a Rich Text field. For example, links to other documents or embedded links, images, and custom labels.

Now, a form is different because it has fields that the user can fill in within your page. Could you tell me a little more about this use case? What does your Rich Text field look like, and what fields do you want to render within the form component?

Hey there, @wilsonwilson, a colleague, suggested that another way of doing this. You could build your page with Slices. Then you can have a recommended article Slice which you add between different Rich Text Slices.

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