Sructured text field

Hello to all,
We can create "text type" in slice machine, then dashboard you can modify & custimize contents. Example1 (I called slice "RichText"):

I understand the data is sent in split parts (Example2):

How to keep exactly the same formating shown at /dashboard (Example 1)?
I don't like to create my own code, any embedded solutions?

Hello @it14

Thanks for reaching out to us.

All elements in the Rich Text field should return under only rich text API ID. Could you please elaborate more about it?


Thanks for the reply,
All are returning under "RichText" - screenshot of data I shared with you is a screenshot about objects in RichText. All is working well.
What do I mean:
Example 1 you see how it's shown in prismic dashboard - I like exactly the same formatting on my website. Are there any tools to show exactly the same formatting, maybe iframe or something?

I understood your point; thanks for clarifying it.
It all depends on the rendering of the Rich Text field on the Front End. You should use the <PrismicRichText> component from @prismicio/react` to render it as HTML.
It's in Next.js framework: Template Content in Next.js - Prismic.
And if you are using nuxt.js, then please follow that article: Template Content with Nuxt.js - Prismic.

Let me know if you have any further questions.