Data is not being updated in production even through I'm re-deploying via webhook

So I'm using Vercel as Host, and I have vercel deploymed webhook link in prismic, webhook is triggered & it re-deploys the branch but new content it still not showing. should I disable force-caching?

Hi Saba,
I noticed that something similar would happen to me when I rebuilt my site. I did a few things to remedy this. Your mileage may vary.

  1. In my package.json, I edited my build script to look like this:
"build": "rm -rf .next/cache/fetch-cache && next build"
  1. I went into the project settings in Vercel and purged the cache.

  2. Lastly, I don't trigger builds unless I find that I need to. I use the /api/revalidate webhook in Prismic instead.

Hope this helps.


Hi Saba,

This is a known issue. We believe that it's related to caching in the App Router. (See this thread.) We have opened an issue on the Next.js GitHub repository. Please feel free to upvote and subscribe to follow along:


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