Next 14 revalidate with webhook problems


Trying out the Next 14 app router and prismic using a webhook to revalidate.

Everything is 200 but the revalidation doesn't happen or vercel not clearing the cache? I can see there were issues when googling as Prismic had a ticket open with Next at the end of last year.

I'm using next 14.0.4.

Is this feature supposed to work now?

Hi Phil,

Can you check if the suggestions in this thread helps?

@exposuredesign Are you using ISR? I tested both ISR (tag-based revalidation) and on-demand ISR (revalidate specific paths only) - both via webhooks - and didn't run into any issues myself. Using 14.0.4 as well.

Not using an access token either - but thinking of adding one just in case :thinking: