Default option in select field is not working

@alws: We're not in a great position to be early testers, but can you let us know when this is fully deployed to production (or if it already has been)?

Hey @dan.duett!

We'll update this thread when it becomes available for everyone.

I find it very unfortunate that 5 months after a critical bug was reported, it still hasn't been fixed and published to everyone. Can we get some input from the development team on how things are prioritised internally? At the moment, I've lost motivation to report new bugs I come across or suggest features/improvements (I think I saw @dan saying something similar a while back in another thread)


Thank you for sharing your feedback @kris. It is true that there are tickets that take much longer to resolve. Lately, the development team has been focusing a lot on polishing Slice Machine so that they can resolve more granular issues afterward.

I have brought this to the team's attention, and they have added a priority tag to this ticket. We will let you know when it is resolved.


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@Phil We also faced this bug. Default value become useless. Is there any fix ?

Hey @ali, could you send us a screen recording of the error and the URL of your repository?

@Pau Thank for your help.
I have just sent you a PM with all information.

This still seems to be happening for select fields in a slice, slice machine v0.7.1. I Save to File System, but nothing is added to the model.json.

Hey @curtis.burns28, can you send me a video of the issue?

Of course, I'll try and get one over to you tomorrow

Same issue here. It is happening inside slices, I'm on "slice-machine-ui": "^0.7.1".

I tried adding it manually to the model.json like so:
"default_value": "Default",

If I do that, the checkmark in the UI is filled (use first value as default ("Default")), and also when creating a new Slice in the repository, the field is filled correctly with "Default". However the field in the API response is always filled with null.

Default values are a critical feature for a CMS, I'm hoping this will be resolved soon! :slight_smile:


So some further investigation:
since the issue described above I still have is a bug in the Prismic UI, I can't really work around it.

It seems that the default value is only set on the select, but not the actual underlying data. This is probably because the data is only updated with an onChange function of the select, but not initially, when the default value should be set.

Plus one that default values are not working (returning null if not manually toggled) and it badly breaks the system.

Bumping this again. Is this not going to be addressed until the new page builder is released?

I've asked the internal team for an update on this. I'll let you know when I hear back.

This ticket has been open for 1.5 years and even after 36 comments, the bug has still not been fixed :no_mouth: