Difficulty getting started

I've started following the awesome Youtube video by Trost but have some initial issues. Please help?

#1. npm not able to log in

I'm running `npm in a sandbox. It's a Linux VM, and at the end of the installation

$ npx @slicemachine/init@latest --repository lastuja-proto --starter sveltekit-starter-prismic-minimal

..the script attempts to "Logging in to Prismic.." My sandbox has no browser, so it gets stuck here:



  • Is there a way to manually bypass this? I.e. if I get the URL the script is trying to use, I can open a browser on the host OS and maybe.. pass the credential somewhere or...

Because of this step not finding the ends, I don't get further in the Prismic console. It shows:


Pressing 'Continue' takes me nowhere. Please also notice the "3/2 completed" progress indication.. =)

Perhaps related (Mar'23), from here:

we're considering refactoring our CLI login process to support containerized environment

.. and also "prismic-cli fails to login inside a docker container" (Nov'21)

What is the status of these, in 2024? Developing in a sandbox is not unordinary, is it?

Note: I map some files from my host, that is the whole project folder is a share to the Linux sandbox. Does this help you, in any way? I would just basically need the details on how the authentication happens, so I can look for a work-around on my own.

Hey team, there's been no progress on this. While sandbox development is typical, we can't provide updates or workarounds for these matter at the moment.