Slice machine fails to login

I am not able to login via the slice machine command prismic sm --develop. any ideas on what to look at. I can successfully use the credentials to login to the web dashboard?

It looks like there are some system wide issues after this most recent upgrade.

I can't login via the SM CLI either and access to our Prismic dashboard is returning a 5xx error (service not available) and error screen... We're on the second day of it being non-functional!

Hopefully Prismic gets on top of this soon...

Yes, same problem here. Yesterday I was logged in and everything was up and working. Today I get an error when using commands prismic sm --create-slice and aren't able to login anymore through the terminal. Login works fine in the GUI on the web.

Hey All,

Can you please share with me the version of the CLI that you're using?
You can find that by typing prismic --version in your terminal

Can you try to npm install the latest beta version of the CLI if you don't have it yet?

npm install -g prismic-cli@3.8.3-beta.0

Once it's done could you type prismic logout than prismic login?


I was on 3.7.11. After the update it worked. I only updated the npm modules, not the CLI. Should have thought of that, thanks for the quick help!

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thanks for you response @renaud. for some reason it was failing only on the --develop command. I deleted the project and started a new one and it began working.

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