Disallow indexing of pdf files on CDN


I am trying to disallow indexing of pdf files.

  • On my website, pdf files can be accessed from multiple pages.
  • They are all stored on the cdn.
  • If I disallow pdf indexing in robots.txt with Disallow: /*.pdf$, I understand this only disallows them for Googlebot and only if the pdf link actually ends in pdf. For example, if there are trailing query parameters, then the pdf will still be indexed.
  • In addition, these pdf files are not directly located at the website's url but rather the cdn address.
  • I cannot add a meta tag to nofollow on my pages because there are links that need to be followed and indexed on those pages. At least this is what I understand about adding the nofollow to the meta tag.
  • I did not find any repo settings that could allow modifying the robots.txt of the cdn itself

Has anyone had any luck with this? It is certainly an issue for image types as well. Any help would be appreciated!


Hello @anne.shackelford

Welcome to the Prismic community, and thanks for reaching out to us.

I have no answer for you at the moment. I am discussing it with my team and will return to you when I have any updates.



We are trying to allow indexing of pdf files. :sweat_smile:

Kind regards,

Hi @jeroen2,

I saw your message in the support portal, so I'll respond there :slight_smile: