Display values for RichText labels

Loving the RichText labels functionality, but missing the ability to have two values per label, - a key/technical one and a user-friendly one, that shows up in RichText UI dropdown.

Use case, - the typography in our design system is defined as [ "hero", "title", "subtitle", "body", ... ] which is what we have define for out typography labels, but it's quite technical and not always immediately obvious for the non-technical end-users. We would prefer to be able to configure the labels somewhat like this: [ { name: "hero", display: "Hero (H1)"}, { name: "title", display: "Title (H2)"}, ... ], so that we can customize the display values of the labels to be more understandable without compromising the tech of our app. Trying to define it like this in content-type JSON currently breaks the RichText for the field (it doesn't show in the UI), so it looks like it's unsupported at the moment.

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As you've seen this isn't possible at the moment, but we are tracking a similar feature request for select fields and I suggested a workaround suggested using regular expressions there:

You would need to combine something like that with the HTML Serializer since this is in the Rich Text field:

I'm tracking this as a separate feature request also as it's slightly different than the original request. Though I don't think the product team will implement this in the near future as they are planning an overhaul of the Rich Text field and this would have to be considered alongside that work.

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