Edit a link in the header and footer

In preparation for a total site makeover, I need to modify the existing site made with Prismic.
Foreword: I have never used Prismic.
From what I see by logging into the Prismic portal, I can edit the content of the pages, but not of the header and footer in which there is a link that I should edit.
I then logged into Github, where I see the repository.
In the /source/_includes folder I see 3 files in which this link is actually defined.
These files are.

Is it correct that you should edit these files or is there somewhere else where you should edit the link?

Thank you
Best regards

Hi Luca,

Every project that uses Prismic is configured by the web developer in charge of the project, and it is them who is responsible for the editing experience. So, it's your dev who will be able to tell you where those links are contained. But from your research, it seems you're on the right path and you should work on those files. However, I would recommend working with the website developer to do this as you'll need to understand redeployment etc.