Error logging in with SliceMachine

Hello, I've been working 8 months or so with Prismic. I created and managed the project by myself and so far it has been great.

A new developer has come in. He can log in to the Prismic dashboard without any issues but I haven't been able to make Slicemachine work on his computer. He cloned the repo and installed everything. I gave him Administrator Role but he cannot log in from Slicemachine.

We tried to log in via the Prismic CLI and, after that, launch Slicemachine, but it is showing the following error:

We are using Next JS. Many thanks in advance.

Hi @vvidal, the error seems to be a network-level error, not an error within Slice Machine or the Prismic APIs.

Does the computer or network have a proxy or firewall in place? Or a custom setup where CA/SSL/TLS certificates are managed?

You may also need to check that the system has the correct trusted root certificates. I am not a Windows user, but I think you can find the information needed to verify the certificates and update here: Certificates and trust in Windows | Microsoft Learn

Hi, @angeloashmore. You were totally right. We just needed to add:


in out env.local file to disable certificate verification and it is working perfectly now.

Many thanks for the quick response!

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