Europe Hreflang Code Does Not Exist - So What Region Does EU Serve in Prismic?

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I've done some digging into our hreflang and this article explains that there isn't a hreflang code for Europe - currently we're using "en-eu" in our hreflang but "eu" is the country code for Basque.

Can someone explain what territory/region the eu code serves in Prismic?

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Hello, eu-eu in Prismic is linked to the English - Europe locale.

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But this article explains that Europe local does not exist in hreflang: List of Hreflang Country and Language Codes & Frequent Errors - Martin Kura

Hreflang is only available for individual countries, not entire regions.

I understand. I'll share this with the product team to understand why this decision was taken.

Thank you @Pau :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey there @stephen.mcquinn.

So, we had this lang code reserved for English - Basque before, but we changed it because “Basque” is not listed as a country in the ISO 3166 standard but it is listed as a language in the ISO 639 standard.

Hi Pau - I've looked into this further and have found that the language code can use ISO 639, but the region must be in ISO 3166

This website explains this in clearer terms: Hreflang tags - Twaino

Can you please send me a further explanation, thank you.

Yes, If you see the list of ISO 3166 in the link given by google you can see eu is assigned to the European Union:

Ah ok, thank you for the confirmation Pau :slight_smile:

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