Featured images automatically get cropped

Dear Support, images uploaded by me automatically get cropped after upload. I fixed it for new images by changing the dimensions to auto but what should I do to fix the images which are already uploaded?

Hi Clive,

Welcome to the community!

As you've seen the dimensions of the field can be restricted to create responsive views, but your image must match those dimensions. Are you the developer on this project? If not then you need to be careful when removing image dimension restrictions as this can affect how your images are displayed on your website.

So now you have removed the image restriction in the Custom Type you will need to go back and reselect any older images in your documents to trigger a newly published version of that document and image. This is the standard behaviour of the API to protect mass loss of data if a mistake is made in the Custom Type definition.

A workaround for this could be to use the import/export feature on all your documents, once you re-import these docs all the new views should be triggered on the republished documents.

Let me know if you have any further questions.