Fetch Custom Type JSON structure

Question about do I have the ability to fetch custom type JSON structure and set it to another repo for example?

I have 2 repos 1st - Dev, 2ed-pro and I wont write script on deploy to prod sync my custom types )) I'm to lazy make it manually

Hi Andrew,

If you're talking about an out and out Custom Type API, then no, we don't currently have this.

We offer an Environment feature for enterprise clients that copies Custom Types and Content across dev and prod environments like you described:

We are working on something on the Slice Level, in BETA for Slicemachine users, that will allow you to pull your Slice Models through an API to local Slices that have been created with the Slice Machine --create-slice Command. Eventually there will be something that serves as a push command too.

Though all of this is for working out of the same repo for now.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


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