CustomTypes API

Hi, so I was testing the CustomTypes API and I keep getting a 404 in the cURL requests and also a JS implementation of it.

Once I downloaded the postman configs, I saw there is a set of environment settings for prod, stage, dev.

Not sure if it isn't fully implemented or not in some areas, but I assume there might be something missing if I can't get the postman, my library or just a cURL request to work :joy:

Hi Reece,

The Custom Types API is only available on request at the moment as it's in BETA, however, it is automatically enabled on Slice Machine repositories.

If you would like it activated on your repository you can contact the Activations Team as described here:

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Thanks @Phil, that makes sense now :smiley:, I thought it might have been the reason

Regarding where it is activated on Slice Machine repositories automatically, is that for new ones, or older Slice Machine repositories?

It should be all Slice Machine repos.

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Yip, it works :+1:

Thank you :100:

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