Fetch data from content relationship in slices

ive followed this tutorial: mega menu prismic using nuxtjs

i've set up a "menu" custom type with a slice "MenuItem" with the variation "WithSubMenu" and this links to a sub menu called "Footer Sub Menu"

I get a document returned when i fetch data like this:

const { data: footerSubMenu } = await useAsyncData("footer", async () => {
	const document = client.getByUID("menu", "menus", {
		fetchLinks: "sub_menu.footer_submenu",

	if (document) {
		return document;
	} else {
		throw createError({ statusCode: 404, message: "Page not found" });

but i dont think im using the fetchLinks correctly, or perhaps im supposed to be using GraphQuery??

Im a bit lost as to how to pull the data from the content relationship.
Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Hi @sho25052007 ,

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

You're correct that you'll need to use GraphQuery to do this because you're getting Slice data from within a Slice, which fetchlinks doesn't do:

Pro-tip though: Ask chatgpt for help with this because it can be tricky, just let it know you're custom type structure and make sure you specify that it's Prismic GraphQuery and not GraphQL.



I dont quite understand how to use GraphQuery, i think that's my problem.

graphQuery: `{
	         menu {
	             slices1 {
	                 ...on menu_item {
	                         variation {
	                             ...on withSubMenu {
	                                 primary {

i tried something like this, but with no avail.