Filter all documents that have instantiated a slice variation

Hello everyone,

We've been using the slicemachine for a little while now in some standard sized websites.

From time to time we, as developers, need to update a specific slice variation. Although we don't have big websites with a lot of Custom Types, we do have some 10 to 20 documents, that may look very different depending on the instantiated Slices.

For example our Home, Product and Company are all of the same Custom Type 'Page', still not all the slices instantiated on Home are instantiated on Product page and so on.

Our question is: Is it possible to filter documents by instantiated Slices or even Slices Variations in Prismic documents list?
This would be extremely helpful to understand the extent and context of the logical and visual changes that are going to be applied to the slice.

For example, we have a Hero slice, it would be nice to list all the documents where this is being used, to check on how it's going to look after updating it.

Thank you for your time. Best regards,
Joel Oliveira

Hello @joel

Thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately, this isn't possible at the moment, but we are tracking it as an open feature request.

I think this would be an excellent addition, although it's not something we are working on now. I've added our @features-team for your use case. If/when there is any change to the status of this feature, the team will update everyone here.


Thank you for the reply Priyanka.

Glad I could help. :slight_smile: