Filters with getAllByType

Hi there,

I don't understand why filters doesn't work with the getAllByType function.
I try to display only other documents of the same custom type : "realisation"
(I'm on Nuxt3, in a page doncument)

//Get related projects
const { data: relatedProjects } = await useAsyncData("relatedProjects", async () => 
  client.getAllByType("realisation", {
    fetch: 'realisation.uid',
    limit: 3,
    filters: [
        prismic.filter.not('my.realisation.uid', realisation.uid)

Without the filters param, it works, but I also see the current document...

Hi @impact-positif,

The realisation objects appears to be defined out of scope of the code snippet you shared. Could you share the full snippet so I can have a better idea of what's happening?

What behaviour are you seeing? Does the API throw an error, return 0 documents, or return all documents including the current one?