Query using Custom Types

I am developing an application that will consume Prismic content via the API.
But I'm not able to add more than one filter to the query (one for document type and another for a CustomType).

The document type filter works without any problems.

But the filter in CustomType does not.
[at(my.cards.url, ["test"])]
[at(my.cards.url, "test")]

I need to search within the "cards" types and bring up the records where the 'test' content exists in the CustomType 'url'.

Can someone help me?

Hi @andre.nunes. I can help you with this. Is the url field you're trying to query by a content field that you added to your cards type or the meta field that is automatically there?

If it's a content field that you added, what type of field is it?

If it's the automatic one, then unfortunately you can't query by that field. But if your custom type uses the UID field to populate the URL, then you can query by that: [at(my.cards.uid, "test")].

I can help you further if you share your Prismic repo URL with me. If you aren't comfortable sharing it publically, then you can send me a direct message and I can take a closer look at your cards types.

Thanks for providing more information in a private message. Since your url field is a rich text field, you can't use the [at predicate](Document API Technical Reference - Documentation - Prismic). You'll need to use the fulltext predicate.

Here's an example of a query that should work as you expect:

[fulltext(my.cards.url, "test")]

Give that a try.

worked perfectly. Thank you very much.