[FIXED] GraphQL 'where' not searching key text

I’m trying to search key text with the graphql endpoint using ‘where’ but it doesn’t seem to work.

Here’s my query:

query {
  allPages (
    where: {
      page_url_fulltext: "/collections"
  ) {

But I get no results:


And I absolutely do have a page with the page_url (which is a key text field) equal to /collections.

I’ve worked out I need to find a way to run this equivalent REST API query:

[at(my.page.page_url, "/collections")]

The question is how?

Hi Marcello,

Normally this should be possible, but something is currently broken with the GraphQL API and this doesn’t work right now. We hope to work on this soon so that we can resolve this issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this in the mean time.

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Okay thanks. Is there any lead time on this? Would you be able to notify me when it’s sorted?

I don’t have a concrete ETA on this, but I can assure you it’s a high priority and I’m tracking it. So once we’ve resolved it we’ll notify you here.

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Hi Phil, is my problem below related?

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@Phil, I just got an email from @Renaud saying this is now fixed? Thought I’d make a note of it here too.

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Awesome! We’ll update the docs :grin:

Just going to double check now.

This indeed fixed. For anyone who needs this fix activated on their account please send a private message to the Activations Team with your repository name as described in this post. :grin:

Hi Ginger,

This was indeed related and if you need this fix let the Activations Team know. :slight_smile: