Full text search functionalities


I am using full text search to query for my document. (Refer to Prismic’s documentation for PHP, Laravel, Java, .NET, and Ruby has moved to GitHub - Prismic) I observe behavior below.

Title: Ammonia Monitoring in Effluent Treatment Plant

Keyword : Moni
Result: No results

Keyword: Monito
Result: No results

Keyword: Monitor
Result: Got result

Keyword: Monitori
Result: No results

Keyword: Monitorin
Result: No results

Keyword: Monitoring
Result: Got result

I expected results for every keyword I type above. How can I fine tune to get results from all keywords above?


I know there’s a bit of trouble with searching key text at the moment. It might be related.

Hi @likhit_prismic-custo, Unfortunately the fulltext search functionality only works with exact full word matches, so at the moment it is not possible to search for partial words or to do a fuzzy search.

If you need a more robust search, then at the moment we recommend using a service like Algolia to build that functionality. Here is the advice that our dev team gave me as to how to go about doing this:

"The way to integrate with Algolia is pretty simple. What you need to do is index all your documents in Algolia after each publication.

You can use the webhooks feature to trigger these syncs. Here is an article on how to use webhooks with Prismic​.

​If you want to avoid re-syncing all your documents, you can use a hasmap to sync only new or modified documents and use a date predicate to know which documents have been added or changed."

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