Prismic with Algolia Tutorial

Does anyone know of a good tutorial for creating a webhook that syncs Prismic data with Algolia?

I know it can be done by using a webhook that's triggered on content change but I've had trouble finding a walkthrough on how that webhook is created in the first place. I'd appreciate if someone knows of a tutorial.

I am also looking for the same since we have a poor search functionality in prismic.

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Hello @dhayes, @todeepthydon. Thanks for opening this conversation.
I'll add a ping to the backlog for new learning resources.

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Hi, is there an update on this request? This looks something I'll need in coming future. It would be great to have an idea how this can work together: Next, Prismic, Algolia. Thank you

Hey Team,

There's been no change here. I'm reaching out to our team to see if they have any experience or tips.


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