Integration with Azure Cognitive Search

Hi there,

I’d like to integrate you data with Azure Cognitive Search.

Have you any experience with that?

Basically, I reckon, I should “copy” your data in a indexed DB (on Azure) and add a web hook on Prismic in order to update this database every time we’ve got a new article.

Ideally, the “copy” should be made automatically, but I found difficult to think how to do that, since your JSON model change drastically depending on the types, and, in my case, I’ve got, at least, 3 o 4 different types. Any suggestion?

If you think your API can provide already something very similar to Azure Cognitive Search, please let me know, it would save me a lot of time. At the moment, there is nothing like that implemented in Prismic, for what I’m aware.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Alessandro,

Thank you for posting on Prismic community,
We don’t have currently any materials regarding Azure Cognitive search.

Hopefully someone in the community has an example!


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