Gatsby Slice Machine Update

Is there a loose timeline with this? I'm starting a rather large project somewhat soon and determining if I should wait to start it for slice machine

Is there a WIP branch we can experiment with?


Hi @beamer. We still don’t have a plan to integrating Gatsby into Slicemachine. So, for the moment, I recommend you follow our existing Gatsby documentation.

If this ever changes we'll be sure to announce it on all our communication platforms.


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Hi, isn't this contradicting this post here?

Hi Kim,

That's very true, it's contradicting info, we ended up doing a Next.js integration instead that time.

The future for Gatsby however is that we have the developer of the Gatsby plugin on our team now and we're making efforts to make integrating Slice Machine in other technologies easier.

We're still in the very early stages of this, so we'll have more updates about this in the future, so right now there's still no Gatsby integration for Slice Machine.


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