Get all documents that have a been linked to a parent document via a content relationship when it is changed


I'm trying to create a solution for determining when a document has changed, at the moment I plan on using the Webhook trigger for when a document is published/unpublished.

The issue I have is in the following scenario:

I have document A which has a content relationship to document B, when document B changes I would like to know that is linked to document A. How should I query for this info/any other documents B could be linked to?

Many thanks!

Hello @ryan.drohan

Thanks for posting this question to us.

To get all linked documents, you need to use the " Query by Content Relationship field". Here are the documents in the same.

Let me know if it still doesn't solve your issue.


Hi @Priyanka!

Am I right in thinking that would work one way, where Document A has a content relationship field that links to Document B and you can find B using A.

In my case, I have the ID of document B and I'm trying to find all documents that have a content relationship field that links to B (these documents are different custom types and I have lots of custom types that could potentially link to B).

The examples in those docs require that i know the custom type that is linking to the secondary document.

Hello @ryan.drohan

Sorry for the delayed response. We have discussed this earlier in this post: Inverse relations - Reverse relationships queries - #3 by samlittlefair
It might be helpful for you.

Let me know if it doesn't work for you.


This topic has been addressed in a different thread. Please refer to it to find more information.