GET Request to Prismic Repository Results In A 400 Bad Request Error

We keep getting this message on one of our landing pages:

The GET request to the repository (redacted) resulted in a 400 Bad Request error. Complete URL: (REDACTED)

It will randomly happen. Sometimes we can go into the page in Prismic and just add a space and delete it, then republish the page. This has solved this issue. However, it continues to happen and we cant always fix it. Its a MAJOR ISSUE!!!

We have a few Klaviyo forms on the page, but we haven't made any changes to these forms, that would result in an error in Prismic.

Does anyone have a solution?

Hello @devin

Welcome to the Prismic community, and thanks for reaching out to us.

I sent out a message to my respective team and will update you. How frequently are you facing this issue? Is it still persist?


Hi Priyanka,

Thank you for your response. Yes the issue persists daily. Sometimes multiple times a day.

We are really hoping for a resolution soon.


Hello @devin

This issue is not from the Prismic side. Many things can cause 400 bad request errors. The majority of them are due to an issue on the client-side. It might be a problem in the implementation of the client.

Another thing to check is that are you caching the master ref?

Are you a developer? If not, you might need a developer to check the code implementation.