Getting this error for the page snippet

Was going through this tutorial at 20:30 ish and encounter this error from the page snippet when I get:

I should be getting this:

This is my code for the issue (that I got from the page snippet):

Hi @2krothapasam and welcome to the Prismic Community.
This is a great project to follow along with (I did as well).

It's been my experience that an error like the one you've shown comes when you're at the beginning of a project and you haven't

  1. Published the home_page (I use homepage) or page documents
  2. You haven't uncommented the routes in the route resolver

Either one or both of the above could produce the error you showed us.

Here are the routes you end up with (note that I commented out all but the home_page - I adjusted it to match yours):

// TODO: Update the routes array to match your project's route structure.
const routes: prismic.ClientConfig['routes'] = [
    type: 'home_page',
    path: '/',
  // {
  //   type: 'page',
  //   path: '/:uid',
  // },
  // {
  //   type: 'post',
  //   path: '/blog/:uid',
  // },
  // {
  //   type: 'project',
  //   path: '/projects/:uid',
  // },

Once your routes are taken care of, go into Prismic create that Home Page and publish it.

Let me know if that works/helps.

This is what the homepage looks like I am fairly certain its published

where would i go in the file structure to uncomment the file structure?

Look in your /src/app/prismicio.ts file

In the tutorial, you'll see Alex creates the repeatable page type "Page." Then he realizes he needs to adjust his route resolver. The link below takes you to this moment.

So the screenshot you sent of the Home Page document appears to be from Slice Machine and not your Prismic CMS repository. Can you confirm if it's published in the CMS?