Errors since adding a new content type

Hey there,

A similar yet different issue with my code. I promise I have spent ages trying to figure this out before coming here. But alas no result. Hoping someone can help.

I've added a new content type of blog

I've then added this to my route resolver:

and here is the code that is throwing the error:

and lastly the error:

I do have a few blogs created as you can see here and they are published and live.

So I have no idea what the error is for or how to resolve. I can only think either my routes are wrong because I've misunderstood something or my code is wrong.

Hope some one can help me here.


Hello @willbrettdesign,

Thanks for reaching out to us! :slightly_smiling_face:

From what I can see, blog is your Custom Type name and not your uid value; you can check your repository to see what your uid value is and use that in the URL on your browser like so /uid-value, and you should get the right page.

Can you tell me what value you're pointing to on your browser?


Thanks @racheal.orukele ,

I'm try to load a page based on which blog tile is clicked. For example on my home page I have an array of blog tiles. Each has a UID value so when these are clicked it should open a new page using that UID.

image of blogs on homepage:

Image of url once one of those blog tiles is pressed

I'm pretty sure the URL is correct here as the blog I pressed' UID is = 1.

So I have no idea why it's throwing an error.

Hey @willbrettdesign,

Yeah, you're pointing to the correct UID value on the browser.

Can you share a code snippet of the code throwing this error?

You can send it via DM if you prefer.

Hey @racheal.orukele

Here is the entire code for the [uid].js page which I believe is throwing the code:

import { CreateClient, createClient } from "@prismicio/client"

const BlogPage = () => { //***Add the props to pass from the bottom of this file
    return <></>

export default BlogPage;

export async function getServerSideProps(ctx) {
    //create client to connect with prismic 
    const client = createClient();
    //get links by UID
    const blog = await client.getByUID('blog', ctx.params.uid, {
        // fetchLinks:['blog.uid', 'blog.title', 'blog.content', 'blog.category', 'blog.timetoread', 'blog.blogimage,, author.authorname', 'author.avatar', 'blog.releasedate']
        //return the properties
        props:  {
            //properties to pass

Hello @willbrettdesign,

You're importing createClient from "@prismicio/client"; and not connecting the client to your Prismic API endpoint. To connect the client to your API, do this:

  • const client = createClient(sm.apiEndpoint);

Or you can import the client from import { createClient } from "../prismicio";

Let me know if this works.


Oh rookie error! I did this before and caught it, no idea how I managed it this time.

Thanks so much @racheal.orukele for your help here. Definitely should have caught this one myself but really pleased you were able to solve it!

I suppose it doesn't help that VSC autocompletes the createclient to the wrong one each time.

Thanks again!

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No worries, @willbrettdesign :slightly_smiling_face: I'm glad everything works fine. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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