Singleton type issues

Hi folks,

I've created a new singleton type, but I'm having trouble publishing. Under the Custom Types page it shows 1 document associated to it.

I can't see this document in any section of the writing room, which means I can't edit or create the document.

How to I resolve this? Is this related to the "ghost document" issue?

Hello @benembery

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Could you please send me the URL of your repository? You can send me a private message if you don't prefer to share it publicly.

I am looking forward to hearing back from you.


Hello @benembery

Thanks for sending the detail. I can reproduce the same behavior. I am going to submit this issue.

Meanwhile, you can convert Custom type from singleton to repeatable type and create a document.

I'll update you here when I hear back from the team.



I can but it means code changes my side, which is frustrating and it doesn’t offer me the protection from a content editor adding another page and the code returning the wrong page :cry:

I do understand your point. I have submitted this issue, and I will update you once I hear back from the team.

Hello @benembery

I have an update on this issue. I can see the document in the release. Are you still facing the same behavior?



I've seen that a few posts re-appeared in my Archived area. I published one to a release, for the others, I would like to delete them, but I'm not sure if this that will fix the issue. Last time, I still couldn't re-use the UID. Has a fix been released for this?

Hello Benembery,

If you want to use old UID, you need to follow this documentation:

Let me know if it doesn't solve your issue.


Thanks for your continued help Priyanka but this only solves my issue if the document is published, it never was. When I was trying to delete the archived document, it was still preventing me from using the UID.

Hey Benembery,

I'll be happy to solve this issue. I need more information:

  1. Name of the Custom Type you want to use UID
  2. Name of the UID.

Could you please share the above things?


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