Custom doc with duplicate uids

I have a custom doc of Partners Story Page and want to create a new version with a uid of jetblue. When I go to create the new doc I get an error saying one already exists. I have checked the archive and current docs, but none have that uid. Would someone check the db of our account to see if it exists? Thanks!

Hi Team,

This user guide will explain how to find the document in your api browser:

The document with the UID in it's history will appear with it's current UID.


Thanks for that. This is what is confusing. A document with a different uid came up while do that search.

For example, when I ran this query [at(my.partner_story_page.uid,"jetblue")] the document with the uid bigquiet is returned.

Yeah, it's not super clear when you haven't dealt with it before. We are tracking a feature request to make this process more manageable within the Dashboard UI, that would hopefully make things clearer.

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