Gif/Image uploads to site but when published appears blank

I can tell that my other updates have worked, as I have moved the content around and this publishes fine to my site. However the actual GIF (2mb) or the image (even smaller) will not appear - instead it's a blank white space. The same GIF works on another area of the site when published. I have triggered a deploy on Netlify, not sure if this should have worked but it hasn't.

Hi @sophia

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It seems to me that this is an implementation issue and not an API issue, as you have mentioned that the same GIF works in another area; investigating such an issue requires some development skills; are you a developer on this project?

Hi, I'm not a developer and I'm very new to using Prismic - would you be able to investigate this for me if I give you the relevant info? Thanks!

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It's necessary in this case to have a look at the code as this issue seems related to your implementation and not Prismic itself.