Git workflow with Prismic

There was some talk a few months back about a git workflow process to be integrated into Prismic. It is a huge pain point for us and I am curious where Prismic is with this feature. Or if it is in development.



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Hey, thanks for reaching out!

I'm not familiar with this feature that you're mentioning, could you point me out where did you saw this, was it on a live meeting?

Yep it was in a live meeting.

Basically having something similar to branches where developers can have contained Prismic changes that are "merged" into a staging env. Then that would be tested and at some point merged into the prod instance of Prismic.

We have been using refs in order to reference a release in our Cypress tests and CI pipline. However there are often collisions where two devs are working on the same Prismic doc with different changes.

I might have misinterpreted something in the meeting but my understanding was Prismic was working on a "workflow" solution.

I see, thanks for the details.

We were most probably talking about implementing Environments, which allows you to have a safe space for when you need to iterate between multiple ones, e.g., development, test, QA, and production.

This feature is now fully deployed since May of this year and it's available starting from Enterprise plans (Check out the status of all the shipped and upcoming cool features in our progress page!)

Thought, this doesn’t work in the same way that git does. Things like commits, rebase, reset don’t exist. When you do a Resync between environments there's no option to 'go back'. So it's just matter of being thoughtful when doing this big changes.

This feature helps you to have more control inside your project, allowing you to test as much as you need before actually adding something to your production live version.

Check out our documentation and don't hesitate to tell us your thoughts!

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I thought the workflow feature was in addition to this. I think of our Prismic repos as being "large" and really every developer (20+) needs their own env that is synced with prod. Some type of workflow or better release to code integration is needed. We are working on a solution but it would be great if Prismic had one included.

Hey there!

Yes you understood well, we are definitely working on a feature that might improve this developer workflow. We are still in early stage of this feature and we will be organising Usability sessions to better design it.
These sessions are about showing you functional prototypes and getting your direct feedback in order to make it more useful and enjoyable for you!

If this interests you, please answer few questions to give us some background information.
We’ll follow up via email with you shortly after to confirm a time to speak.

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