Production /Staging / Localhost environnement

Hi I've read about this new feature which really sounds awesome to have a Production /Staging / Localhost environnement.
Let's say a developer works on a new feature and updates the corresponding custom types on the Localhost environnement to be sure everything works as expected. If before the developer releases this new feature on the Production environment, a content writer adds some new pages to the Production environnement (we have 30 people working on the website so many changes happen many times a day), what happens ? Does the developer needs to resync the Localhost environnement with the new Production one ? If the developer does so, does that erase his.her changes that he.she wants to put on Production?

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Hi Camille,

indeed, having Prismic Environments is important if you need to safely iterate on your custom types.

This way you can make changes to your custom types in the “Development” Prismic repository which will be an exact clone of your “Production” repository.
While doing these structural changes, content can still be created in Production.When the developers are ready to release a new feature in Production, they will only update the custom type definition (so only the configuration of the types, no content will be pushed). For the time being, this “promotion” process is manual:

  • copy the JSON of the modified custom type(s) in the Prismic “Development” repository
  • paste the JSON configuration in the “Production” custom type(s)

Once done, the new features will be available for content editors in the Production Environment (for instance, they will see new slices, or new fields in existing custom types).Resync is mostly here to refresh your “Development” environment after you’ve merged changes from Dev to Prod. This way, you can start new change iterations in a fresh “Dev” environment, that has the content up-to-date.
Here is a link with more details;


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