Staging and previewing content updates in multiple environments

Prismic allows you to group content changes into Content Releases. Developers can easily configure multiple Previews for a given Prismic repository using environments for example localhost, production, staging, etc. This way Published (live) and WIP/planned content can live together within one unique Prismic repository.

Environments also help you when you need to have a staging version for your Custom Types with no risk of impacting production.

Use case illustration

Let’s illustrate things some use cases:

As a developer, while integrating a set of new templates in the “dev” environment of our application, I want to be able to populate the future content into the Prismic repository we already use in Production, and test the front-end integration with content

  1. Create the new Custom Types
  2. Add a “dev” Preview URL in the Settings > Previews
  3. Under the Planned tab create a new release and create documents using the new Custom Types

You can now preview each content piece independently into your “dev” environment.

As a developer, I want content editors to preview the new Custom Types with content for approval before pushing things into Production

  1. Deploy your code with the new templates in a staging environment (For example:
  2. Add the staging preview site URL in Settings > Previews

Content editors can now preview the new documents in the staging environment.