Publishing in a Prismic Dev Environment

Hi there,

Can someone tell me what happens when you click publish if you're in a Prismic Dev environment?
We added the environments feature a few weeks ago and I'm still trying to figure out how it works. If I click 'publish' while I'm in my dev environment, does anything happen? I assume it doesn't actually publish changes in prod right? I'm wondering if my previews (other than localhost) aren't working because I need to republish a page in the dev environment.
Thank you for your help!

Hey Dan!

Any environment which is not the production one is a safe place to iterate over your documents and the content modeling of your Custom Types, Slices, etc. So when you publish a document, it only becomes available for that repository’s endpoint.

And for the preview, it depends on the setup in your project code. Can you tell me more about the issues you see when you try to run a preview session?

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