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I enabled the multi environments to my Prismic repository so I would try to add a second environment.
Nothing wrong, my second environment is created. I try to publish a document inside this environment but when I click on "Publish it now" which is what I want to do, I get the following error : "Error - Click to retry"

I can click a thousand times I always have the error.

Moreover I need to configure a webhook to this second environment, but when it's trigger there is no "masterRef" inside of its payload. Usually there is one. Is that normal ?

If someone could help me to fix these errors, it would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Theo,

Welcome to the Prismic community.

I will try to help you on this, to do so can you take a screen recording of the error you are getting as well as the error you get from chrome console if you are a developer.

And I order to be able to debug this on my side I would like you to share with me your repository name (in a direct message if necessary ).

Looking forward to your reply,

Here's the error :

From the console:

I didn't see there is an error in the console by the way ! I've got 4 repositories I will send you a message of the current repository with the error :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this information, I will try to reproduce and I will get back to you.


I would like to have an update about my error, I still got it :smirk:

I keep waiting for information

Best regards.

Hi Theo,

I apologize for the delay, I could reproduce the issue on my side, In fact, you get a 500 error with this message

But I also noticed the document I've tried to publish got published after clicking on publish and it seems it is not a blocking error, correct me if I'm mistaken.

Anyway, I have created an issue in our issue tracker regarding this and will let you know once we have any updates.


It's really blocking because the webhook triggered from this publication has not the same shape as I know.

Let me show you what I mean, in the main environment I have a webhook which trigger with this shape :

I can take the masterRef key to do my logic business behind.

But in the sub-environment where I have the error my webhook got this shape :

I would like to have the same shape on both environment. The purpose why I chose to take multi environments repository is to keep the same logic and have the possibility to sync environment data inside another one. For now I can't trigger my webhook because there is no masterRef key ...

Tell me if I'm not clear enough :slight_smile:


Hi Theo,

Ok, I have already created an issue regarding the error you are getting and I will update you with the info about the webhooks.

I will also try to produce the same webhook payload to debug the issue.

Thanks for your patience,


I've been in contact with our production team and told us that this issue has been fixed, can you please confirm?


I just tried and I still have the same error and the same payload shape. Do I have to do something in particular ? Delete and create the subenvironment ?


I've been able to reproduce the issue again, and I have asked our production team to investigate the issue.

Thank you for your paiciance.


I've reached out to our production team and they have fixed the issue for you just now, can you please re-check?


The good thing is that the error is gone but for only of my two sub repositories ! "Recette" repository is fine but "Dev" still has the 500 error

It looks like it's not for this year ... I really need to have my sub repositories working perfectly soon :confused:

Thank you for your feedback and for the efforts made to fix the problem.


I've tried to sync my recette with production environment and now I got error 500 on both "Recette" and "Dev" repository ...


Happy new year ! I tried again today and I confirm that I still have the error 500 on both environment :confused:

Hi Theo,

I apologize for the delay, I have reached to our production team and we will fix the "dev" repo and get back to you soon.



Our production team has investigated the issue and here is what they found out:

here is a list of the documents that have this issue


Those documents need to be unpublished and published once again from our side
can we do this action on your behalf?

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