Production rebase and using a staging environment as production

Just tested out the rebase functionality with environments. It seems like a new created staging environment can be rebased to match the production repository or another environment. However, why can you not rebase the production repository to match another environment?

I also see that a staging environment can be rebased to another staging environment. Is there any cons for using an environment as a production environment so it can be used to match a staging environment and vise versa?

I understand in the environment page it says:

Should I use Environments for staging content?

No, these environments are only meant for updating the codebase or the Custom Types without endangering the production repository.

We recommend that content editors stay on the production repository to author new content and use Releases and Previews to check the presentation on the front-end before publishing it.

but with constantly changes to slices and documents, it would be easier if there is a way to deploy the changes rather than testing in QA and copying the changes to production.

Hello @wenda.cai, I think it depends on your use case. If you need to test a new set of Custom Types and Documents, you can use a staging environment with a test deployment site. If what you need is to try Custom Types that are in both environments, but you only have new documents, then the most viable way to test them is to use releases. These allow you to have a preview of the content without publishing it. And if you need to share it, you can use the shareable link with your team: