Staging links not connecting to one another

Hi Prismic gang! Sorry if this is a noob question.

We're releasing a new version of our entire site, and when we preview a page in Staging, none of the links route to the Staging version of that page. It always connects to the Staging URL without the preview token, which just includes our new header/footer but none of the other content. So we basically have to preview page by page, which is a pain.

Do we need to do something specific to ensure that all Staging links go together when previewing, and will that just translate to Production links when we push it to Prod?


Hi @brandon.bidlack

Welcome to the Prismic community.

Can you please tell us what mechanism you use to have a Staging environment? do you use the Release feature to preview your unpublished changes? or do you use the Prismic Enviremnts feature?

I'm, in fact, not sure about what you make of a Staging URL! do you have a staging instance of your application, and do you want to preview your content on that deployed instance of your application?

I am looking forward to your clarifications.

Hi @Fares, I don't really understand your questions, but I'll try.

We use a Staging environment to preview our website pages before we push them to Production.

How would I know whether we use the Release feature or the Environments feature? In general, we had 15-20 interlinked pages that we were trying to preview in Staging, but when we previewed them, the links all correctly pointed to the Staging URL, but it lost the preview token so that no content actually loaded on the linked page other than the header and footer.

Don't know if that helps. Either way, the release to Production today went fine, but it would be helpful to fully use Staging in the future.


I am sorry, but something is still unclear to me; when you say you have a Staging environment, do you mean a deployed instance of your front-end code?

Prismic has an environment paid feature that allows users to test their custom types and implementation in order not to make changes to Production and doesn't seem to be what you are mentioning.

And in case that using a deployed instance of your application to preview change, then you need to check your preview configurations in your Prismic repository setting as the [following] (Set up Previews - Prismic) to point to the right deployed app environment.

Please let us know, if they're still some unclear to you.