Graphql - how do you query groups?

Hi, I am noticing that I am unable to query specific fields like "Group" or "Select" in my custom types. They only seem to work and update using the rest api but in the graphql playground, the schema is not updating to show these specific fields. Assuming I'm doing something wrong, is there a specific way to query these types of fields with gql?

Actual Custom Type (Notice "helloList" and "check". Also note that it is synced)

GraphqQL playground (Notice "helloList" and "check" are not showing up under this type)

REST API working

Hi @developer4,

Thanks for reaching out.

I have tried to reproduce the issue but it seems in the GraphQL browser I can see the group field please check the screenshots:

Also, I can verify for you if you can share with me (in a private message if necessary) your repository name,


Thanks, just private messaged you.

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Hi, any updates on this issue?

Hello @developer4

You won't be able to see Group fields in the graphQL playground because of their API ID assignment value. It's in camelCase. It should be either in snake case or all characters should be in lowercase. Learn more about API ID in the What is an API ID article.

Let me know If you have any further questions related to it.


Hi Priyanka,

Thanks for the answer this seems to work great. One other question I have is when it comes to using the "Link" type via the slicemachine it only gives me the option of "Web" instead of the 3 options it should give (1. Web, 2. Document, 3. Media)

Screenshot of Slicemachine created "Link" type

When creating in Prismic, you get all 3 options.
Screenshot of Prismic created "Link" type

Is there something I am doing wrong here?

Hello Shing,

I am glad that graphql query worked for you.

For your next question:
At the moment, you can only have a link to web option in the Slice Machine UI. All the options for the links should update in the next release but I don't have any ETA.

Meanwhile, You need to add a Content Relationship field to select internal documents from your repository.