GraphQL not available

I wanted to use GraphQL to rework my existing page. But somehow it looks like the GraphQL endpoint is not available for my repo. Is there any possibility to get it working for my old repository? I would expect that when putting my repo name into this link I would get the API Explorer, am I right? So if I get a 404 something is broken in my repo?

Hi Daniel,

Your correct in checking the link that you did to see if GraphQL is enabled for your repo and the 404 does indeed mean that it’s not enabled, this is as you said because your repo is older.

Any repos who were active before our GraphQL API was released need to request for this feature to be activated on their repo.

So if you can send me a private message here with your repository name, I’ll be happy to activate it for you.


For any future users who need one of our features activated you can message the @activations-team :smiley:

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