GraphQL pagination with linked documents

I have this interesting scenario. I got a category content type which can reference different products inside. Ideally, the number of products can be infinite. When I go on the category page, I am trying to fetch the category page data alongside all the products linked in that category. I suppose that the 20 documents rule would also apply, but how would I go with fetching the next 20 products and creating a nice pagination feature. If you got any recommendations regarding the content modelling, will be happy to take a look at them.

Hi Vlad,

Thank you for contacting us, well, you need to get the cursor:

At the node level, you will find a cursor that will provide a GraphQL ID for the document

Then use it with the after argument to retrieve the documents that come after it.
For more check the article

Also, can you please tell us what framework you are using so I can maybe give you the right documentations to implement the pagination if necessary.


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