Why is Prismic GraphQL api only limited to 20 documents?

So with our website, we currently have a heirarchy where in pages can be parents of other pages.
This means that we need to manually fix up the urls for each document, but when I query allDocuments on graphql it shows only 20 documents. This wasn’t accounted for prominently except for the pagination docs. Even in the ‘Query all documents with the GraphQL API’ page it’s not even there. Please warn anybody who’s using that feature before they make the mistake like ours to build a heirarchy with your system. Thanks

We also would like to have a solution for this. Thanks

Hi @acquisition-team. Thanks for reaching out about this. We have some updates to the GraphQL documentation coming soon that give more details about how to do pagination and how to retrieve more than 20 items from the API.

In the meantime you can explore this example project with React and GraphQL:

Specifically, you can see how to recursively fetch all your documents here:

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