GraphQL/slice issue

Hi !
It looks like we have an issue with the slices. We created a new custom type, and we cannot query the slice the way we normally do.

On the screenshot above I have 2 custom types. The first one is the new one. In the first one, I have one slice called Hero.
When I write the query the same way I do for the second, which is:

       ...on PrismicWebsitePageHero{

I get the error "PrismicWebsitePageHero does not exist, do you mean X, Y, Z?"

Could you please fix our issue ? We need to separate properly each slice as we reuse slices from one custom type to another.

Thanks in advance !

Issue solved : I was missing the mention of the schema in gatsby-config


Welcome back to the community. I'm glad that you've resolved the issue. Don't hesitate to reach out us if you have any issue.


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