Group type: allow item insertion in arbitrary places

It's a major annoyance that group items can only be added at the end of the list.

It's not so bad when the group items only have one field, since dragging them into place isn't a major pain, but if there are lots of fields and so each item takes up a good amount of space on the screen, and especially if the list is already quite long, dragging it into place is very painful. If entering several items all at once which need to be somewhere near the top of the list, it's a very poor experience.

Slices can be inserted at arbitrary locations, so why not group items too?

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Hey Bart, thank you for all the feedback, I'm marking these threads as open feature requests.

What you're suggesting is something I also like to see implemented in the future too, and it makes sense that items inside a Group could behave in a similar way as Slices, to be able to create and move them around with no limitations.

In the meantime what I could suggest you is to do exactly that, migrate the elements you have in Groups to Slices. That way is more manageable if you have too much content inside just one group.


I don't think slices make sense in this particular case. We'll suck it up for now. This particular set of data isn't something which will change very often.

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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